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  • How does it work?
    Customer searches and find products they want to buy from any UK ratailer, or identifies any products advertised by Getthis4me on Facebook page; or alternatively ask Getthis4me to help in the seach process. When ready to order, let Getthis4ME get involved. We handle everything from facilitating online payments to Harare home delivery. You can pay for your goods through Getthis4me by Mastercard, Visacard, cash or even bank deposit into a local bank account in Zimbabwe. It couldn't be better. Your parcel is ready for delivery in Harare within 14 days after we have dispatched to you. Delivery times for customers in other cities outside of Harare may take longer. We bring to your doorstep UK’s everyday rock bottom discounts and sales. Now you have access to those brands that you have always loved. Why wait !!!!?
  • What are your services options and fees?
    Our Services include: Procurement and Product Sourcing for individuals and companies. Provision of online payment services for customers who don't have Visa, Mastercard Or Paypal. Provision of a UK delivery address for customers' parcels coming from the UK retailers. Forwarding the parcels by Airline Cargo. Parcel Handling and Associated Customs Clearance Delivering to customers' doorstep*. Provision of pre-selected well known genuine branded products readily available to order from our website anytime. We can support purchases from any UK website (and Europe in general). You have option to go by our comprehensive service whereby we handle the online payment, delivery & customs (this is the common option).However if you have a Visa/Mastercard, you can choose to pay for the products from the retailers yourself. In this case you will need to ship the parcels to our UK address for onward delivery to Harare. Our services fee is only 10% of total amount (product cost + shipping costs). Shipping charges for air freight areUSD12 per kg and in most cases this will be inclusive of customs and duties save for a few products like electronic gadgets etc. Note:- Our quotation is all inclusive duty customs and that's your total commitment, there won't be additional charges to you once the products are in your country.
  • How do I place an order?
    Click on the product that you are interested in and click Add to Cart. In the shopping cart's preview you can see a list of the products you have chosen, together with their quantity and price. If you want to remove a product from the shopping cart, click on the "x" on the right of the product. Also note that you can also add the product you are interested in to the "Wish list" and purchase it at another time (please note that you must be a registered user for the product to be permanently saved on the list). Once you are satisfied with products in your shopping basket, click Checkout. This will take you to a page where existing customers will be prompted to Log In, otherwise just fill in the form. You can pay by Mastercard/Visa card, PayPal or bank deposit. When completing the form, please only select Manual Payment if you intend to pay by cash deposit. Cash / bank deposit payment details will be provided on order confirmation. Once you click Place Order, that's it, your order is confirmed. The last step is to check your email for Order Confirmation.
  • Can I have a list of online shops to buy from?
    We have put a comprehensive collection of UK brands and associated links for those brands throughout our website. Clicking on images on our website takes you to the retailer websites. The list is endless and if you want something specific, please contact us and we can provide the relevant shops.
  • Are there any prohibited products?
    There are certain products that are prohibited by airlines and these include perfumes, antiperspirants, batteries, sanitisers, sharp objects, guns and replicas, aftershaves, nail polish, spray cans, lighters, aerosols, etc. Pease do not include these products when you place orders with the retailers. Should these products be found in customer's orders, they will be returned to the retailers and the customer shall be liable for all costs associated with processing the return.
  • Can I collect my parcel once it has arrived in my country?
    Once your parcel has arrived in your destination, you do not necessarily have to come to us to get your parcels, we will deliver to your doorstep*. Should there be a surcharge on delivery due to the final destination falling outside the standard free delivery zone, this will be communicated to you.
  • Can I use your services if I am based outside Harare?
    Of course, yes. Our services can be used by all customers in Zimbabwe, including customers based outside Harare. Our services are flexible and we accept a number of payments including bank deposit at a local bank and online payments by Visacard/Mastercard. If you are based outside Harare, please get in touch by emailing us at and we will be happy to discuss how best we can support your UK purchase whilst in Zimbabwe.


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