The moment we have all been waiting for is here…The Black Friday.

Officially, the Black Friday Week began on the 19th November and will Peak on Friday 26th, which is this year’s Black Friday Day.

For bargain hunters, many have already scooped and bagged unbelievable deals, and by shopping early they have also avoided that disappointment of seeing something, that exact item that you have been looking for … only to discover it is now sold out.

For those who would risk it all for price, Friday 26th will still have its own options.

Now say you are looking for something specific, it maybe better to balance your act. You could order sooner part of what you want and then order more on Friday 26th depending on how critical missing out would mean to you.

For most UK retailers Deals will continue until Monday 28th.

For now, let’s get Shopping…

We at Getthuis4me are always ready and keen to support you with your UK Shopping.

All the best…

Getthis4ME Team

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There is no better time to grab some bargains from the UK retailers than now.

If you want a refreshing summer in climates that are much warmer in the last part of the year, then do not blink. If you blink, you will miss.

Do you know Retailers such as these below are clearing the summer stock as winter sets in the UK. Now is the best time to get those brands which you have always loved, but at a fraction of the price.




Golf Online





SportS Direct ....

And many thousands more

Getthis4me ships to many countries across the Globe. Getthis4me can order all products on your behalf, or you can order them yourself and get them delivered to Getthis4me's UK Hub for onward forwarding. The service is fast, efficient and friendly.

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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Shoppers are continuing to turn to online stores amid concerns about visiting supermarkets during the coronavirus pandemic. Households are making fewer trips to the supermarkets in the latest four weeks compared with last year. Thanks to online shopping, now you can get your products from the UK, even the essential ones.

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