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Our Story

Getthis4me is a unique online shopping services provider for customers who want to buy UK products. Our customer are in total control of their shopping experience, specifically in product selection. When you have found the products that you want frm the UK, then don't wait..... let us get involved and we will do all the hard work for you i.e facilitate the process of purchasing, payment, shipping and delivery to Zimbabwe or South Africa.

We also understand that not everyone will have the Paypal account or the VISA cards that most online platforms require for processing payments, and this is where we step in to ensure that nothing can not stop you from purchasing the products that you love from the UK.

​Our services make online shopping a possibility for everyone. 


When we started back in 2008 our customer base was confined to limited number of clients, family and friends. However, over the years we have seen our customer base growing. We take great pride in understanding that our customers’ lifestyle has changed over the years, with customisation, convenience and choice becoming important variables of their shopping experience. 

We make a difference by providing the shopping convenience with a wide choice that our customers need, through online shopping.

We are passionate about bringing real conveniences and meeting the real needs of our customers.  We are driven by our promise to deliver excellent customer service.

At Getthis4me we take pride in providing this fabulous online shopping  service and it’s all thanks to the support and feedback from customers like you!  We will keep you up to date with New product releases,  and what’s Coming Soon in Sales and Massive Discounts from your favourite brands. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback in the Contact us box.  If you’d like to benefit from our professional buyers , please get in touch. 

Or if you need more help, you can simply type your questions into the Contact Us link and we will be more than happy to assist.

Our collections are sourced from the best of UK retailers and independent designers

We are committed to bringing you high quality products from the UK. We pick only the best product from the UK. We bring to you access to the genuine products, direct from the brand owners. This means you are in total control of your product choice and selection. Shop with confidence.  Why not take a look on our wide range of products. All our prices are all inclusive of delivery and customs to your destination. 

We offer an affordable service with unparalleled value.

Our pricing structure is transparent and honest. We offer all of the value to our customers with no hidden fees. It’s our goal to ensure that we improve your online shopping experience. Our money-back guarantee policy reflects our strong confidence in the work that we do.  We value our customers and we understand that our customers are our biggest asset. We will do our best to offer the best possible shopping experience.


Want to know more? 

Please check out how our services work? 

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