How does it work?

1. Search and find products

you want to buy from any UK ratailer

2. When ready to order, let us get involved. We can handle everything from facilitating online payments to Harare home delivery. You can pay for your goods through us by card, cash or even bank transfer.

It couldn't be better!

3. Your parcel delivered in 

Harare within14 days

We are your online shopping partner in Zimbabwe

Shop with us and enjoy our customer focused shopping services for UK products direct to Harare

Now you have access to those brands that you have always loved. Why wait !!!!!! ? We bring to your doorstep UK’s everyday rock bottom discounts and sales.


Did you know that UK shops offer massive discounts at peak seasons.


There is still more to come this year;

Watch out for Christmas sale, the notorious Boxing Day sale, New Year Sale as buyers stampede to get products at giveaway prices.

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